Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Welcome to Rosie Lea's Curio Cabinet

Established in 2015, Rosie Lea's Curio Cabinet is an ever-evolving curated collection of stones and crystals, jewelry making supplies, handmade jewelry, and vintage curiosities.  The Curio Cabinet currently operates on Etsy and eBay, but hopes to make the transition to fairs, art shows, conventions, and flea markets soon. Stay tuned for dates/locations (in Ohio).



I'm interested in selling things of beauty, items of historical interest, items from nature, and more. My style is Boho-Hippie-Pagan-Steampunk.

This is me, Rosie Lea.
Personally, I love hiking, tea, cats, and thrifting.  I'm a lot of fun on Twitter and Facebook, so you should follow me there!  I also have a sorely under-visited Tumblr.

This shop supports FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, and the Constitution.