Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Welcome to Rosie Lea's Curio Cabinet

Established in 2015, Rosie Lea's Curio Cabinet is an ever-evolving curated collection of stones and crystals, jewelry making supplies, handmade jewelry, pagan items, clothing (modern, vintage & costume), collectables and vintage curiosities.  The Curio Cabinet currently operates on Etsy, eBay, & mercari.  Occasional IRL shows too! Stay tuned for dates/locations (in Ohio).

I love boho, hipster, steampunk, hippie, rockabilly, pagan, and goth style. I love historical items, junk, toys, and I love making things with my hands. The Curio Cabinet reflects those loves, and a wide variety of items can be found here.


Working on opening a new shop, "Rosie Lea's Witch Shop".  It's going to be an ebay shop consisting of pagan gifts and supplies. Playing with a lot of new ideas for this one. Still in the beginning phases, but plan on expanding during the upcoming months.  Still a few weird random bits from its previous incarnation as the Boho Boutique in the listings.  (Most items heavily discounted to move--go buy them!)

Etsy -- Rosie Lea's Curio Cabinet (jewelry/craft supplies, crystals/stones)

Etsy -- Rosie Lea Vintage (vintage clothing, junk & toys)

eBay -- Rosie Lea's Curio Cabinet (jewelry supplies, vintage stuff)

eBay -- Rosie Lea's Witch Shop. NEW shop! Will be switching this account to pagan/wiccan/witchy/alternative religion & lifestyle items. Work in progress.

Mercari -- Mix of STUFF. Mostly clothes, pagan, craft supplies & jewelry.

This is me, Rosie Lea.
Personally, I love hiking, tea, cats, and thrifting.  I'm a lot of fun on Twitter and Facebook, so you should follow me there!  I also have a sorely under-visited Tumblr and an Instagram!

This shop supports freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the Constitution. Love is love, black lives matter, and free health care is a human right.